Patara lays in a central position within the Lycian coast, allowing our guests to enjoy varied opportunities every day:
daily trips to visit the ancient cities and boat tours for swimming around the coast are examples of activities available.
Kas and Kastellorizo (The Greek Island). The excursion takes you to the beautiful village of Kastelorizo, site of the Italian movie “Mediterraneo”.
On the way back we stop at the typical coastal Turkish town of Kas noted for its old wooden houses and very narrow alleys full of colors and flowers.
As an ideal conclusion of a lovely day, one can stop for a Turkish dinner at a local restaurant.
Kekova, Myra and the Church of St Nicholas. This outing takes you first to the famous Tombs of Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas.
The church was built in the IV century AC and was the final destination of pilgrimages throughout many centuries.
(St. Nicholas, i. e. Santa Claus, is believed to have lived on the Lycian coast). This is followed by an enchanting tour of Kekova,
the ancient city now covered by crystal clear waters. If you wish, you can take an unforgettable swim above the submerged city!
Tlos, Saklikent and Xanthos. The tour starts at the ancient site of Tlos situated in a spectacular location.
Then it takes us to the Saklikent Gorge, the deepest in Turkey. The visit ends at the ruins of Xanthos, the ancient Lycian capita.
Daily blue cruise along the lycian coast. Spend an entire day along the beautiful Lycian coast, enjoying the sun,
swimming in its refreshing turquoise water, snorkelling, or if you wish, reading a book.


There are lots of opportunities for people enjoying outdoor activities.
Canoeing. This sport is perfect for people who are looking for something unusual. Xanthos River in Patara National Park
is a calm river and the current allows anyone to enjoy canoeing without dificulty.
A romantic horse ride. Enjoy riding around Patara or on the beach dunes along the coast. These rides are switable for those at any level.
Jeep Safari. This is a wonderful adventure for explorers of all ages. You will discover the real Turkey, far from the tourist routes.
In only one day you experience wonderful panoramas, visit ancient ruins, and find special treasures.
Tour in quads. Made for people who want to explore Patara and its surrounding area
on their own in an unusual and exciting way.

Other experiences

You can join in other fabulous activities, like watching a sunset over the sand dunes with a glass of wine, or having a dinner on the Taurus Mountain.